Room on the Broom and Witches Activities and Games

Room on the Broom Preschool Activities and Games

Begin your Halloween countdown with a reading of Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. See our links below for the related video and some fun activities such as "The Little Witch" song and a batch of sensational witches' brew. 

Book: Room on the Broom


Little Witch Movement Song and Activity

Choose one child to be the witch. The witch sits on the broom and "flies" around the circle while you sing the song:

The Little Witch 
(Tune: The Muffin Man)
adapted by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup Inc.

Do you know the little witch
The little witch
The little witch
Do you know the little witch
with the cat on the broom? (the witch chooses one child to be the cat and to sit behind her on the broom)

O have you seen the little witch . . .

Repeat with the other animals that sit on her broom:
with the cat, and the dog on the broom?  (the witch chooses another child to be the dog and to sit behind them on the broom)
with the cat, the dog, and the bird on the broom?

with the cat, the dog, the bird, and the frog on the broom?

Room on the Broom Video on YouTube



Free Witch and Room on the Broom Coloring Page

Draw the witch and her friends on the broom (Broom Coloring Page)


Create a witch artwork or a broom craft.


Broom craft

Take your children outside and look for some small twigs. Cut a 3" wide strip of brown craft paper and with a black marker draw a line one inch from one side. With the scissors let children make cuts all along the side of the brown craft paper without passing over the black line. Attach the twig to the paper (see pic) with tape. Wrap the paper around the twig and attach a pipe cleaner.

Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 

Preschool Activities: 
Preschool Activities: 

Make a Witch Brew Sensory Bin. Visit the Plain Vanilla Mam Blog for this great sensory activity.

Spagetti Broom Art
Children will love to paint with these creative spagetti brooms. Visit for this great activity.

Preschool Activities: 

Witch Hat and Broom Snack idea from


More The Witch preschool and kindergarten activities and crafts: (Available inside our KidsSoup Resource Library)

preschool and kindergarten witch fine motor skill activity printable
Preschool Activities: 
preschool and kindergarten witch drawing activity printable
Preschool Activities: 
witch paper plate crafts
Preschool Activities: 
preschool and kindergarten witch connect the dots printable
Preschool Activities: 
The Little Orange House Your Witch Drawing Paper Plate Witch Witch Connect the Dots Numbers


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